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Welcome To JOJO Marbles

JOJO MARBLES is one of the fastest growing company in Cultured marble segment, manufacturing wide range of Cultured marble sinks, bath tubs, counter tops and wall panels with all are in standard colors. An ISO 9001:2000 accredited companies JoJo Marble Private Limited is present across the country. The Company with its strict quality regime and compliance systems ensures that each product is tested for its maximum workability and efficiency.Presently we are manufacturing Cultured Marbles Wash Basin , Bath Tubs , Table Tops , counter tops for bath room’s and Kitchen’s in various colors and different sizes. We are also in cultured marble ONYX which illuminates when light is passed through the product. The all counter tops, wash basin, bathtubs can be made in ONYX.

   JOJO Marble products are three to four times the tensile strength of natural marble, JoJo Marble products have an exquisite, smooth, mirror-like, seamless finish which, unlike natural, ordinary marble, is very resistant to wear, heat and staining by ink and other substances. Unlike competitive marble products which generally require strenuous buffing, waxing, and polishing to achieve a average sheen, our products come off the molds shiny and brilliant with no extra polishing required. Furthermore, Our products not only meet, but exceed all specifications world-wide.      Read More....